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How We Got Started

Thats interesting part! Being hotelier ourselves – could never get no-fuss service and food. That’s why thought of launching a restaurant which can provide the opportunity to combine my experiences and explore my curiosities. The love for food and ingredients landed us to the unexplored part of Mediterranean world. The cuisine capable of luring and taste buds again and again. The best part of IVY – Wonderful team which focuses daily on our values of dedication, simplicity and respect. The Chef has deep respect for the ingredients and which shows on your plate. Come in the IVY to experience gastronomic journey to your palette.

Our Story

From the heart of Gurugram, comes the latest Mecca for foodies! At The Ivy restaurant, we have some of the best perspective on Continental food, Mediterranean food, and a whole lot more. Using the freshest ingredients, from the best possible source, our kitchen has some phenomenal offerings, which are simply unassailable in the entire NCR. This is possible because of our retinue of the handpicked magicians in the kitchen. That’s right, we don’t hire mere cooks, we hire wizards, who apart from being powerful in the gastronomic sciences, are people with perspective; after all anyone can cook, but only people with perspective can offer experiences. So hop over for an array of mesmerising and lip-smacking food, that is simply worth dying for. But most of all, come along for an exemplary gastro experience, that is one of a kind.

Our menu has been curated with utmost care and sincerity by our chefs, while keeping in mind the taste palates of our customers. The best and most guarded recipes from around the world have been tasted and tested, and then tweaked to give our representation of perspective a unique, tasteful, and simply mesmerizing twist. These thoughts are not our own, but have been voiced by our patrons, who believe that we are going to transform the very fabric of dining.

Why us?

Simple – If you love food, you got to try The IVY restaurant. Conveniently snuggled in the ground floor of the Baani sqaure. So whether it is official lunch or the family outing – Ivy fits your requirements. 

Freshest Ingredients

With the explosion of restaurants in Gurugram – everything boils down to quality of the ingredient and your experience. We use the freshest and finest of spices which are imported from the specific countries. 

Healthy Cooking

With maximum use of Olive oil and freshest ingredients – it is tough not to stay healthy. We believe in harmony in nature and that’s the way forward for your eating styles. The Chef has created the dishes in such a way that you stay in shape and stay healthy.

We love Traditions

We always have something cooking in our kitchen  or some secret sauce being fermented. Well traditions are to be followed to the last word. So be it dishes which come on your plates or the sauces which come on the side. Our chef would be happy to explain these wonderful traditions to you.

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