Why is Italian Food so special?


Italian Food is deeply rooted in the gastronomic culture of Italy. A well prepared Italian meal is one, that requires a meticulous all day work to prepare and cook. Most of the ingredients need to be well aged before cooking. That’s what made Italian Food or rather Feast a reason of celebration in the good old days. With the myriad of mixed flavours available, the basic culinary practise is to always bring the right flavours together.

We have listed out the top 3 reasons why Italian Food is so special.

The herbs and mix and match of flavors

Italian Food consists of wonderfully aged cheese and the use of fresh ingredients .The secret to a great taste in most of the dishes, lie in the pairing of flavours i.e. sweet, tangy, bitter and sour. There are not a many cuisines that go by this risk, which is why Italian Food is so special. The perfect amount of flavour and herbs oozed in every bit of the bite is an artwork of the Chef.


Fresh and Healthy is the key

Labelled as one of the healthiest diets in the world, it is made of natural and whole ingredients. Preparing the food from the scratch is the elementary requirement of an Italian Dish. It leaves no space for any artificially added ingredient. With fresh vegetables and fruits, olive oil, blended taste and slow yet perfect cooking, a traditional Italian meal serves you with all the nutrients while savouring your taste all the more.


The long list of choices

When it comes to Italian, the food is not just limited to pizza and pasta (although to talk of only these two, there are a plethora of ways to cook them). Lasagna, Ribollita, Risotto are only to name a few among the other variety of options available.


An Italian meal is all about sharing and conversation as it is said, ‘the success of a good meal can only be judged by the duration of conversation it encourages”. Looking forward to relish some of the authentic Italian food? Come and visit us at our Baani Square location. Loved by all our regular customers, our chef endeavours to bring out the best Italian flavours for you.