Exotic Vegetables for Continental Cooking


Every cuisine in the world prepared in different regions has stories about it. Every cuisine has a taste of its own. From the continent of Europe, Continental food has travelled to India to lure us all with the wide array of lip-smacking delicacies. We’ll always be grateful to the French, Italian and Spanish parts of Europe for making the most delightful contribution to Continental cuisine. But what’s the key to an exotic continental menu? It’s continental cooking with exotic vegetables. With generous amount of spices and herbs, exotic vegetables make every Continental dish flood with memorable flavours.

From the popular collection of great Continental recipes we all love to savour quick salted caramel pie, poached pear salad, East West spring rolls, yogurt dip with crudites, stuffed jacket potatoes and the trio of tomatoes. Exotic greens make this cuisine so popular that healthy eating becomes all the more enjoyable when combined with the delectable taste of these.

Yummy food brings all the foodies across the world together. And when it comes to continental recipes the authentic flavour of these is unbeatable. If you love to cook continental food, you can combine asparagus, artichokes, avocado, red and yellow capsicum, cherry tomatoes, celery and so much more to give your food the flavour it deserves. While these exotic greens nourish the flavour of your food, if you consider the bigger picture, these nourish you as well.

Did you know asparagus is a super healthy veggie? This spring vegetable is packed with nutrition. It’s an excellent source of fiber and if you’re watching your blood sugar, it will enhance the ability of insulin. The versatile butter fruit of avocado helps to keep you full and satiated. Cooking with avocadoes can make your recipe magically turn out so wonderful in every aspect. Brightly colored bell peppers can jazz up your salad in an instant. With their sweet and fruity flavour, these have anti-inflammatory benefits and make you look youthful too.

And to ask if cherry tomatoes are good for you would be a silly question. They are low in calories and rich in fiber. Grilling these would surely make way for a healthy snack. Zucchini is as delicious as it is full of nutrients and flavour. At The Ivy Restaurant we understand how important healthy eating is. With us you can enjoy your meal with these exotic vegetables. Our chefs put in their every effort to select the best and freshest of greens to give each of our guests a wholesome experience every time they visit us.